E-Commerce in Negombo-Sri Lanka

Every business needs an online presence to showcase their products and services and it is essential for building brand name in this current technology driven era. E-Commerce has remarkably grown as the greatest form of communication, business operation, research and development well beyond everyone’s expectation. In the E-Commerce world, Customer is King; the continual enhancement and evolution of the best user experience tends to be the secret of all E-Commerce designs.

A well designed E-Commerce website is a must have for businesses to flourish in the market. With E-Commerce websites serving as an effective customer-centric selling tool, it provides a solid platform to establish your business in the digital world. An E-Commerce website fosters your business by bringing in more traffic and also helps in converting the visitors to customers. The E-Commerce design methodologies are dynamic based mobile technological advancements, desires and requirement of Internet shoppers.

Building an E-Commerce website in Negombo-Sri Lanka

The important aspects to be considered while building an E-Commerce website are:

  • Online Product Store

    Setup an online product store that lists all the sellable products and services. Your product store should be easily navigable and should provide product description with large and beautiful pictures of the product. The store should also list the product reviews from the customer.

  • Shopping Cart

    Customers can view and select the products required and add them to the Shopping cart for purchase. Customers can compare the products based on reviews, price, etc. before adding to the shopping cart. After the products are added to the cart, Customers need to enter the address of shipment with option to save the address for future purchases, this helps in saving a lot of time.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Secure payment options is important to an E-Commerce website. You can pay for the products using Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal, etc. The payment gateway integration provides trusted solution for the customers to carry out the transaction.

  • Personalization

    For offering relevant and valuable shopping experience to customers effective personalization based on the customer needs are required. Personalization should be done based on parameters such as age, life style, contacts, friends and family, geography and social status. One of the major E-Commerce global trend is adoption of real time and effective personalization facilities for everyone who approaches the online market across the globe.

  • Minimalist Design

    The higher use of mobile devices paves the way for responsive web designs which are simpler with a straightforward product store display. The complicated designs packed with complex images and flash are now replaced by simple crystal clear designs. Also the payment processes are also made simpler so that it can be used with mobile devices easily.

  • Faster Loading time

    Customers are impatient in slow loading time and nowadays the average waiting time spans only a few seconds. This is a big challenge for E-Commerce website with a large product list, since the more items a webpage contain, the more time it will take to load.

  • Social Media Integration

    Leveraging the power of social media for E-Commerce is quite advantageous with consumers sharing their opinions with friends and colleagues, business multiples faster than other marketing techniques. E-Commerce websites are integrating with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. This allows the consumers to create wish lists on their social networking site accounts. These wish lists can be then shared with their friends which in turn helps to increase the additional visitors on the E-Commerce site.

It is a necessity for companies to carve out space in the Internet and market themselves to achieve their business targets. Are you planning to establish online presence for your business? Then, you need to select a right technology partner having proven experience in building Ecommerce solutions.

Drowe has proven experience in delivering top-notch E-Commerce solutions. We build efficient, bespoken, customer-centric E-Commerce websites that suits your business demands. Contact us for more information on our Ecommerce Services.

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